Have you noticed your water heater leaking water? Or perhaps there is a small puddle of water at the bottom. In any case, water leaks are no joke as they can damage floors, walls and even ruin furniture.

If you think your water heater is leaking, read on to learn more about the causes of water heater leaks and when to seek professional help.

Your Water Heater is Old

The main reason your water heater could be leaking is also the most obvious: your water heater is old. Water heaters are only designed to last about 8 to 10 years.

If your water heater is older, parts will wear out and leaks will occur. The water heater could also rust in the tank, which would cause small cracks that could leak water from the tank into your home.

Purchasing and installing a new water heater is the only solution to age-related water heater leaks.

A Valve may be Broken 

Water heaters are equipped with multiple valves, from drain valves at the bottom of the tank to valves that measure the tank's temperature and pressure.

When these valves break, water will leak out the sides of the tank or under the tank. The good news is that replacing a faulty valve can solve the problem.

Connecting Lines are Loose

On a water tank there are two connecting lines, one for the water entering the tank and one for the water leaving the tank. These valves can become loose over time and cause leaks.

In this case, you will likely see water dripping from the area where these lines connect to the tank. Sometimes this problem can be solved by tightening the pipes to prevent water leaks. However, in other cases, the pipes are worn out and need to be replaced to stop the leak.

You Have Sediment Build-Up 

The water that goes into your water heater often contains sediment, and in some hard water areas, such as Jacksonville, Texas, this sediment can build up quickly. If too much sediment builds up, cracks will form in the tank, causing leaks.

Once you have a problem with sediment buildup, you need a professional to repair this leak. To prevent sediment buildup, empty and clean your tank regularly.

What to Do When Your Water Heater is Leaking

Regardless of whether you know why your water heater is leaking, it is important to fix the leak immediately. Water heaters hold a lot of water and a small crack in the tank can quickly grow and cause significant damage to your home.

No matter why your water heater is leaking, Bannister Plumbing & Air is here for you. Call us to schedule and get started on repairing your leaking water heater.