Clean, filtered water is essential for your home and family's health. Unfortunately, municipal water can contain contaminants like dirt, chemicals, and hard water minerals. At Bannister, we offer advanced whole-home water filtration systems to effectively remove physical and chemical contaminants as well as hard water minerals.

Our Water Filtration Services

Our technicians have advanced knowledge of water filtration and purification systems and can repair any make or model. Whether the problem is a clog, mold growth, or improper water filtering, we can quickly diagnose it and fix it using various water filtration methods.

We can service or repair many types of water filtration systems, including:

Choose the Filter That Best Fits Your Needs

Our water treatment professionals will come out and discuss solutions to your water problems to help us determine which system best fits your home. Here are the options we offer:

Diamond/Silver Ultra-Filter System

  • Ultimate whole-home filtration for viruses, cysts, bacteria, heavy metals
  • Self-cleaning ultra-filtration down to 0.015 microns
  • Effectively treats chemicals and hardness

Silver Plus with Defender System

  • Affordable filtration and chlorine reduction
  • Carbon block filters remove contaminants and chlorine
  • Contains polyphosphates to prevent scale build-up

Titanium Under-Sink System

  • Filtered drinking water right at your kitchen sink
  • Removes 99.95% of cysts, bacteria, chlorine
  • Space-saving compact design

Whole-home systems filter all water entering your home for showers, appliances, and every fixture. Under-sink filters are great for targeted drinking water filtration. We’re happy to help determine the best one for your needs!

Are You Interested in Our Water Filter Services?

Don't settle for potentially harmful contaminants. Contact Bannister Plumbing & Air today to discuss installing an advanced water filtration solution for clean, refreshing water throughout your home. We'll help you choose and professionally install the perfect system for your needs.