The "Bannister Caring Star Team" is a group dedicated to appropriately distributing the company's charitable contributions, sponsorships, community service efforts, and, most importantly, carrying out the team member "Win" in our mission statement. Our goal is to complete these tasks while adhering to Bannister Plumbing's values of "Faith, Family, and Excellence."

The Win-Win-Win attitude is at the heart of Bannister Plumbing & Air. The customer, team member, and company must all "Win."


The Bannister Caring Star Program will be funded in part by the "Bannister Caring Star Employee Giving Fund." This fund provides an opportunity for team members to actively contribute. It will also benefit and be fully supported only by Bannister Plumbing team members.

Bannister Plumbing & Air will match the team members’ contributions by increasing the budgeted Donations and Contributions by that amount each year.

Contribution Process

Employees can provide the Caring Star Team with the name of their favorite charitable organization. The team will decide where to allocate the available funds. Team and community members can submit requests via online and paper forms. Team members can also personally and confidentially approach the Culture and Care Manager with requests at any time.

Request Review

The Culture and Care Manager receives, tracks, and regularly presents requests to the Bannister Caring Star Team. In urgent situations, emergency meetings or communications may be held. The Bannister Caring Star Team reviews the requests and takes an anonymous vote. The majority rule applies to all votes.