Here at Bannister Plumbing & Air, we want you to receive exclusive and special treatment from our technicians. That’s why we offer an exceptional maintenance program: our Star Club Membership! For only $15 a month, you’re given priority and special treatment with our plumbing services – along with some extensive benefits that almost pay for themselves!

Bannister Star Club Membership Benefits

Want to learn more about our Star Club Membership? We have listed the benefits you’ll receive as a member below:

Annual Inspection

Star Club members receive a FREE comprehensive, multi-point plumbing inspection from our technicians once a year. Annual inspections help maintain your plumbing’s functionality and energy efficiency, and it also helps ensure any issues are identified. These inspections include:

  • Up to one water heater maintenance
  • Up to two cooling units
  • Up to two heater units

Priority Service

When you schedule any service as a member, your request becomes our top priority! No matter what time you call during the day, our technicians are ready to arrive at your property as soon as possible.

15% Discount on Repairs

Star Club members receive a deep discount of 15% on all repairs. You’ll save money anytime you require our repair services.

3-Year Warranty on Most Repairs

Most HVAC and plumbing repairs performed by Bannister Plumbing are given an extended 3-year warranty for Star Club members. This helps ensure our job was done right.

Lifetime Warranty on All Fixtures Provided and Installed by Bannister Plumbing

If you’re a Star Club member and had a fixture provided and installed by us, you’ll be treated to a LIFETIME warranty on that fixture!

No Increase in Cost When You Add More Fixtures to the Plan

The more you add, the more we cover! You can add as many fixtures as you want to the Star Club membership at no increase in cost.

Reduced Service Fee Only $29

Star Club members shouldn’t pay full price for the service fee. That’s why you only pay a reduced amount of $29. Save money on each call!

Ready to Start Saving?

Download the Star Club Membership enrollment form and start taking advantage of the benefits today!

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