Is your heat pump not heating your home this winter? If it's cold outside and the heat is on, but your air conditioner is having trouble reaching the desired temperature you set on your thermostat, it's time to start investigating.

Depending on the outdoor conditions and the efficiency of the system, a heat pump may perform as expected but still not reach the desired temperature in your home.

Bannister Plumbing & Air approved HVAC contractors are specifically trained to perform heat pump repair services. We can help you figure out if the problem with your heat pump not heating is with the system itself, a thermostat setting, or possibly a dirty air filter. We service equipment from York, Lennox, Carrier and other major brands.

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

In order to examine your outdoor heat pump, you must first understand how a heat pump actually works.

Your residential heat pump heats and cools your home throughout the seasons, depending on the settings you use. A heat pump system includes the following:

  • An outdoor unit
  • An indoor unit
  • And your thermostat

Here’s how the system works…

Your outdoor unit draws heating energy from the outside air. Once this air is sucked in, it travels through copper cooling pipes to a coil in the indoor unit.

A fan draws room air through this coil, warming the air. The fan distributes this warm air throughout the house. When it comes to cooling, the process is simply reversed so that the heat pump acts like a typical central air conditioning system.

How to Troubleshoot a Heat Pump That’s Not Heating

Problems can often arise with heat pumps. To find out why your heat pump is taking so long to heat up and how to determine if it's time to contact your local Bannister Plumbing & Air HVAC technician for heat pump repair, check out the list of most common tips for troubleshooting heat pumps. Heat pump below:

Frozen outdoor unit

If your outdoor unit is frozen, your system cannot transfer heat from outside into your home. Go outside and check the outdoor unit for ice or frost on the copper pipes between the house and the unit or for debris on the outdoor unit coil.

It's best to call a professional HVAC contractor to repair a frozen outdoor coil. While some ice buildup on heat pumps is normal, excessive ice buildup on your outdoor unit is a problem that needs to be addressed immediately.

Low refrigerant charge

A heat pump with too low a refrigerant level cannot meet demand. Another sign of a low refrigerant charge is a frozen coil. If you believe your system has a low refrigerant charge, call us immediately to resolve the issue.

Bad reversing valve

Remember how we said heat pumps heat and cool? If your heat pump is cooling but not heating, your diverter valve may be defective. You will need to have a qualified HVAC professional confirm this problem and replace the valve for you.

Incorrect thermostat settings

Don't you feel hot air flowing through your vents? If your heat pump is running and you feel cool air coming out of the registers, check to make sure your thermostat is set to heating mode.

Change the setting on the display if it is set to a cooling or constant fan as this will blow cool or cold air.

Uncalibrated or faulty thermostat

A thermostat can go out of calibration if someone accidentally bumps into it or dirt builds up inside. In this case, the thermostat may turn off by a few degrees.

Have the thermostat recalibrated according to the instructions in the manual or contact a local HVAC company to do this for you.

Circuit breaker is tripped

You may have an electrical problem or lack of power that is preventing your heat pump from heating your home. Check your electrical panel to make sure no circuit breakers are turned off.

The indoor unit and the outdoor unit would be operated via separate circuit breakers. Therefore, check if one or both have been triggered in some way. If the circuit breakers continue to trip, call an electrician or HVAC technician to ensure the wiring is properly intact.

Indoor unit power switch

Did you know that your heat pump's indoor unit has its own power switch? The switch is usually located on the indoor air handler and looks like a light switch. It must be in the “On” position.

Dirty air filter

In more extreme cases, airflow may be blocked completely or the system may shut down. If your air filter is dirty or clogged with debris, it can result in reduced airflow.

Remember to change your filter regularly or clean the current filter.

Remember Heat Pump Maintenance

Any HVAC technician can tell you that regular maintenance is important or that you should schedule maintenance service every year. Ultimately, however, it all comes down to the benefits that maintaining a heat pump can bring.

Save yourself the hassle of replacing your existing heat pump and discover why scheduled maintenance is the right investment.

Breakdown Prevention

The vast majority of our repair calls and even heat pump replacements that our team handles could have been avoided with routine maintenance. If you don't want to have a breakdown in the middle of the season, neither in the heat of summer nor in the freezing cold of winter, maintenance is essential!

Preserved Efficiency

Heat pumps are widely praised for their efficiency ratings, but without proper monitoring, this rating can drop significantly. At Bannister Plumbing & Air, you can rest assured that our home maintenance professionals will maximize the potential of your heat pump.

Warranty Preservation

These days, most warranties are solid and worth keeping. Many require regular maintenance. Check your warranty and be sure to schedule any necessary maintenance.

Extended Lifespan

A well-maintained heat pump system can last for more than a decade. A heat pump can perform exceptionally well season after season as long as it receives the professional service and maintenance it needs season after season.

Keep Your Heat Pump Heating This Winter With Bannister Plumbing & Air

Regular maintenance of your heat pump system twice a year can ensure that your unit runs smoothly in both the summer and winter months. Bannister Plumbing & Air is the nation's leading home service provider offering heating and cooling and plumbing services.