Reasons And How To Correct Uneven Home Cooling

When your central air conditioning system produces uneven cooling throughout your home, uncomfortable temperatures spread upstairs, downstairs, and throughout the home. Uneven cooling is a common complaint in two- and multi-story homes and is also a sign of problems with the HVAC system. Leaking ducts, poor attic insulation, dirty HVAC filters, clogged vents, and the need to seek professional air conditioning repair or replacement services make controlling the air conditioning in a home difficult.

Keep every room in your home at the ideal temperature with consistent air conditioning and heating – Bannister Plumbing & Air explain how! These tips will help you troubleshoot heating and cooling problems and ensure even heating and cooling throughout your home.

What Causes Uneven Cooling and Heating in a Home?

Due to various malfunctions, your air conditioner may produce uneven cooling throughout your home. Problems with air ducts, HVAC equipment, etc. can prevent a central air system from cooling a home evenly.

Vents Are Blocked:

Ventilation slots distribute cold air from the supply ducts. When vents are blocked, rooms do not receive the fresh air intended for that area. Vent covers can be blocked by carpets, furniture and other objects, or vent covers can remain in the closed position. When air reaches the clogged vent, it is redirected to other surrounding areas of your home that have open vents. Rooms with open vents then receive plenty of cold air, while rooms with closed vents do not receive air conditioning to replace the warm air.

Leaks in Air Ducts:

Supply air ducts transport cool air from the air conditioning system to the rooms in the house. If there are leaks in the ducts, cold air escapes from the duct and hot air can enter the duct system. The result is a stream of hot air into your living spaces and poor comfort management.

Low Attic Insulation:

If your attic is not adequately insulated, the cold can easily escape from the house. If the attic is poorly insulated, heat and cold loss will be a problem all year round.

Dirty Air Conditioning System Filters:

Air conditioning filters allow air to circulate freely throughout the central air conditioning and heating unit. Filters clog when they remove pollutants from the air. As soon as the filters become dirty, they must be replaced. Otherwise, a blockage will occur, preventing the air conditioner from moving enough air through the HVAC system to keep the interior cool.

Central Air Conditioning Unit Short Cycling:

If a cooling cycle only lasts a few minutes, the air conditioner won't produce enough cold air to circulate throughout the house, making it difficult to control the temperature of each individual room. This is an HVAC problem called short cycle, which leads to wasted energy and system damage.

Old Cooling Unit:

If uneven cooling is a constant problem, it's likely that you need to replace the air conditioner. Over the years, your air conditioner loses its ability to effectively cool indoor spaces. A room in a house or an area of a floor farthest from the unit will experience more heat, while a room closer to the air conditioner will tend to stay cool.

As the heat increases, it is difficult to cool a two-story or more home with a traditional central air conditioner. A room on the upper floor of the house is warm even if a room on the ground floor remains cool and comfortable. Even if a thermostat is set to provide enough cold air to keep the lower floor comfortable, there is no way to account for the different needs of the upper floor. A zone system should be installed to enable individual comfort control between each floor and area of the house.

Fix Uneven Cooling in Your Home

If uneven air conditioning in your home is causing discomfort for your family, these tips and services can help.

Open Vents Across the House

Go into every room in your home and check every vent for blockages. Remove furniture, carpets, and other items and check that the box lid vents are open. Clear registers allow fresh air to circulate freely throughout the room.

Adjust Fan Settings

If your HVAC fan is set to AUTO, it will only run during a cooling cycle. On your thermostat, set the fan settings to ON instead of AUTO. Turning the fan ON allows air to circulate throughout the house even when the air conditioner is turned off. The AUTO fan setting saves power, but running the fan more frequently could help you maintain consistent comfort conditions throughout your home.

Sealing Service for Your Ductwork

Hire a professional duct sealing service to eliminate air leaks and eliminate uneven living conditions caused by energy loss in your ducts. The sealing service closes gaps and openings in the air ducts so that your ducts retain the cool air produced by your air conditioner and direct it into the intended living spaces.

Increase Insulation

Insulating your attic, floor, and other areas of the home will reduce energy loss that leads to poor comfort control. Increase the R-value of insulation throughout your address to cool your home more evenly.

Replace Air Filters

An important part of air conditioning maintenance is installing a new filter once the existing filter becomes dirty. When your system has a clean filter, it is easier for your air conditioner to maintain consistent temperatures throughout your home.

Call to Schedule AC Repair Service

If you notice short cycling in your cooling system, call a professional repair service immediately. A technician can troubleshoot issues that are causing short cycles to protect your equipment and maintain consistent cooling in your home.

Have a Zoning System Installed

When you call your HVAC professional, ask about a zoning system for your home. Zone control is the perfect solution for a two-story house with warm rooms on the upper floor and cool or cozy rooms on the ground floor. When installed with new air conditioners or your existing unit, a zone system uses a series of dampers as well as an individual thermostat in each zone to control cool air. Adjust the thermostat temperature in a zone to provide more cool air to just that room. Each area receives the necessary comfort without compromising the comfort of other living spaces.

Install a New AC

If your existing air conditioner isn't cooling your home evenly, it's time to replace it. With the installation of a new model, your home will be able to easily handle indoor conditions in all areas.

Air Conditioning Services for Your Home

Bannister Plumbing & Air helps Jacksonville, Texas homeowners implement pro tips for better comfort management in all areas of the home. For cooling system maintenance, repair and installation services, call us today!