Plumbing DIYer’s: It's Time To Do It Right to Plumbing Fittings!

You do simple plumbing repairs yourself, you know that plumbing fittings fixtures isn't always the easiest task on your to-do list. If you take your time and follow these basic tips, you'll be able to turn a wrench like a pro without damaging your plumbing fixtures.

Hand Tight is Right

Seems to contradict common sense, but plumbing pipe connections don't need to be very tight to function properly. In fact, the pipes only need to be hand-tightened to help circulate water throughout the home. The unique design and configuration of the pipes ensures that they are just tight enough, making them very leak-proof and can actually prevent water from draining properly. Over-tightening will also cause the rubber fittings in the pipes to deform over time and increase the risk of leaks. Turn a plumbing fixture only until you feel it is tight, then stop. Continuing to turn past this point can cause problems.

No Stripping

Plumbing fixtures look like very large bolts. There are threads inside each screw that allow the fitting to be screwed onto the pipes to ensure a tight seal. If you overtighten the fittings, you risk stripping the threads inside the fitting or on the outside of the pipe. As with any household screw, once the thread is stripped, it is almost impossible to tighten the fitting on the pipe. This increases the risk of a leak and also the risk of a pipe cracking or bursting in extreme weather conditions or high water pressure.

Lefty Loosey, Righty Tighty.

It's not just a playground rhyme; It really works. Turning a screw, opening a jar or bottle, turning on a faucet, and adjusting a water faucet all work on the same principle. Turning to the left will release the plumbing connection; Turning to the right makes it narrower. Remembering this simple rhyme can prevent a bad connection and exposed fittings. This also comes in handy when you need to turn off the water supply quickly.

Plumber’s Tape is Your Friend

One of a plumber's most trusted secret weapons is regular plumber's tape. Typically made of silicone, it creates a stronger, leak-proof seal on pipes and fittings. Wrapping the connectors with plumber's tape as you tighten them will prevent over tightening, protect against leaks, and ensure a good seal. Plumbing tape is available in the plumbing section of most hardware or home improvement stores.

Keep the Plumbing Fittings Warm

If you are working on exterior pipes outside your home, it is advisable to magnetically insulate plumbing fixtures. Leaking or spraying water from loose outdoor fixtures during cold weather increases the risk of freezing, cracking, and bursting, which also creates major problems inside your home. Wrapping outdoor plumbing fixtures to protect them from the elements helps maintain a consistent temperature and ensures your pipes remain in excellent condition. You can also find pipe insulation at hardware stores, hardware stores, or plumbing stores.

Emergency Plumbing Services

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