Do I Need A Sewer Repair?

Does Sewer Repair Important?

Upkeep is a major responsibility for homeowners. Even if you have the highest quality products and appliances installed in your home, at some point you will need to replace items as they wear out with regular use. Fixing broken things in your home and regularly maintaining your plumbing system can sometimes feel like even the most seasoned of us are unqualified, especially when a task is as messy and complex as repairing a sewage system. Because plumbing maintenance can be complicated, it is in your best interest to have your system inspected and repaired by a qualified professional.

Signs of Plumbing and Drain Problems

Signs of plumbing and drain problems can help you contact a plumber quickly to prevent a minor problem from becoming something serious.

Here are some signs of sewage problems to look out for around your home:

Sewer Odors: 

If you notice a lingering raw sewage smell in more than one area of your home, it is a strong sign that you have a problem somewhere in your sewage system. The smell may not be in your home, so be sure to walk around outside of your home.

Muddy Lawn: 

While a rainy day can make your lawn muddy, if it gets muddy in drier seasons, you could have a sewage problem. Your lawn should not be soaked on hot summer days or dry winter days. If you have noticed areas of saturated soil, you should contact a plumbing professional immediately to have the area examined.

Lush Green Grass: 

If you haven't watered your lawn more than usual, but areas of your yard are full of healthy green grass, it could be caused by a leak in the sewer system. Pipeline leaks can absorb nutrients from the soil that will moisturize and fertilize the area.

Slow Drain: 

Clogged drains drain slowly, prompting homeowners to try chemical drain cleaners to fix the problem. It's not uncommon for these cleaners to work at first only for the problem to appear to return immediately. Although drain cleaners can remove clogs, the problem remains if your drain line is damaged.

Multiple Clogged Drains:

If you're experiencing multiple clogged drains throughout your home, this is a strong indication that there is a problem with your sewer line. When the sewer line becomes clogged or damaged, it can cause backups in multiple plumbing fixtures, including sinks, showers, and toilets. If you notice this issue, it's important to contact a professional plumber for sewer line repairs as soon as possible.

Sewage Overflows: 

If there is a problem with your sewer line, you may experience sewage overflowing into your home from various plumbing fixtures such as your toilets and sinks. Sewage backlogs are a biohazard and a sure sign of sewer damage.

Foundation Damage: 

Many factors can lead to serious foundation problems. Persistent weather over time can weaken your foundation, but sewer line problems can also be at the root of the problem. If you notice voltage damage, such as broken walls or shifting floors, the problem could be due to problems with the sewer line.

Pest Control Challenges: 

When your sewer lines are damaged, there can be an increase in rodent and insect encounters in your home. Mice, rats, moles and insects will all be attracted to the drain from your broken sewer line. In addition, openings in your system can allow pests easy access to your home.

Sewer line issues can be a serious problem, but fortunately, there are several signs that can indicate the need for repairs. If you notice any of the signs mentioned in this article, including slow draining fixtures, foul odors, gurgling sounds, soggy spots in your yard, or multiple clogged drains, it's important to contact a professional plumber for sewer line repairs as soon as possible. With prompt attention and repair, you can prevent further damage to your plumbing system and ensure that your home's wastewater is flowing properly.

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