Can a Boiler Explode from Overheating?

If you own a boiler, you probably know that it is equipped with pressure gauges that measure internal pressure at all times. Although low pressure can have a negative impact on operation, high pressure inside a boiler poses an even more serious problem. Too high pressure inside a boiler can cause an explosion.

Although this is rare, it is still possible. If you have a boiler at home whose pressure gauges consistently show high pressure readings, you need to call our team to schedule a boiler repair. Read on to learn about the factors that can cause your boiler pressure to rise and what you can do to keep your boiler within a healthy pressure range.

Watch for Overheating 

Overheating is a common cause of boiler explosions. To prevent a boiler explosion, you simply need to ensure that your boiler does not overheat while it is running. Signs that your boiler is overheating include discolored water, bad-smelling water or unusual noises coming from your boiler. For example, the water in your boiler may start to smell like rotten eggs. Or you may hear a ping as part of the process. None of these things are considered normal and require immediate attention.

Monitor Pressure Gauges

You can also monitor your boiler's pressure gauges. There are indicators that show the pressure in the boiler system. Your boiler requires high pressure to operate because it is designed for heating.

But the pressure is too great. If the pressure on your boiler is too high, you can lower the pressure settings so that your boiler operates at a lower pressure. If this does not resolve the issue, we recommend that you schedule a service to review the issue. Something is wrong in your boiler and is affecting its operation at normal pressure levels.

What to Do if Your Boiler is Overheating

If your boiler is overheating or the pressure is constantly too high, you need to schedule maintenance. But before you do that, it's important to take steps to prevent a boiler explosion from occurring in the meantime. You can turn off the gas supply to your boiler or switch off your boiler completely. We know this can be uncomfortable, especially when the outside temperatures are very cold.

But it's better to be careful than risk a boiler explosion if you don't know what's going on. If the pressure in your boiler remains too high and an explosion occurs, it could cause irreparable damage to your boiler. In this case, we will need to replace your entire boiler rather than just being able to carry out a few repairs to the system.

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